Editorial Board (Spring 2019)

 Editor-in-Chief: Peter Sterančák (BISLA student, Class of 2021)

Story Editors (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Cséfalvay (BISLA student, Class of 2020)
Jonáš Jánsky (BISLA student, Class of 2020)
Georgios Merkouris (BISLA student, Class of 2020)
Michal Micovčin (BISLA student, Class of 2021)
Laura Palenčíková (BISLA student, Class of 2019)
Arnold Remenár (BISLA student, Class of 2019)
Vivien Slíž (BISLA student, Class of 2021)
Peter Sterančák (BISLA student, Class of 2021)
Miloslav Valko (BISLA student, Class of 2020)

Design Director:

Michaela Chmelíčková

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BISLA - Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts


Vivien Slíž

Text editors:

Arnold Remenár, Georgios Merkouris

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Peter Sterančák

Disclaimer of editorial independence:

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors in this student periodical do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of BISLA (Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts) or its faculty. The editorial board have full freedom to express their opinions, beliefs and viewpoints in this periodical without any form of censorship from BISLA.