The history of Il Ponte in a nutshell

Our story began in 2015 with four heroes, or as Barbara Kelemen - the first editor-in-chief of Il Ponte, put it, “four hopeless visionaries always struggling with deadlines, few dozens of double ristrettos and a free time, which is something what we, busy students, had to steal from the fifth dimension.” These visionaries were namely: Barbara Kelemen, Samuel Hyravý, Tomáš Badin, and Mário Lapoš.

At the time, all of them were students of the 2017 class at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA). From italian “ponte” meaning the bridge, our student journal was originally created for students of BISLA and other colleges to bridge their voices, views, and opinions on one platform which is free of editorial censorship and offers them a place to enter the conversation with the world outside of the academia.

Local in our origin, Il Ponte was created at BISLA (Bratislava, Slovakia) and is financially supported by the same institution. However, the views, beliefs and opinions of Il Ponte authors are their own. In this unique situation Il Ponte editors excercise full editorial independence.

International in our ambition, we seek to engage with readers all around the world. The vision of the Il Ponte founders continues to manifest in our effort to be the bridge between different cultural divides in our world.

Ideas have power, they can inspire, educate, surprise, and some can help to change the world for better. We, in Il Ponte, also hope that the ideas that you, dear readers, find in our journal will inspire the “better angels of your nature”.