VAŠEČKA INTERVIEW: Migration fears, brainwashed teenagers and impending global catastrophe

Peter Sterančák

he joke goes like this: "Sociologists don´t do it. They just observe." Well, Prof. Vašečka is a sociologist and his observations are certainly thought-provoking and valuable, which is why we, in Il Ponte, decided he is a great candidate for a long interview in this edition. However, when it comes to discussing important sociological issues, he can be also witty, proving he does not take himself too seriously. As you can guess from the title, we covered a wide variety of topics: migration, globalization, polarization, communication, education, space exploration, and everything in-between.

Climatologist Jozef Pecho: "It can very well happen that global warming will spin out of our control"

Peter Sterančák

“Well, up until now the planet warmed up by 1 °C and we can already see some critical changes. Perhaps the most important change is the decline of biodiversity, which is caused, aside from other factors, directly by climate change. Then there is the death of coral reefs, which is already massive due to oceans warming up. Another problem is the biosphere on land.”

INTERVIEW with Peter Vrbjar, co-founder of United Colours of Football Festival in Bratislava

Peter Sterančák

According to the official Facebook statement, it’s the anti-racist football tournament which celebrates diversity and the enriching aspect of different cultures in our own society. The organizers shy away from any form of discrimination based on nationality, race, gender or sexual orientation. I was keen to interview one of them, Peter Vrbjar, to know more…

Timothy Snyder: “The thing about authoritarianism is that it’s just so boring”

Peter Sterančák, Michal Micovčin

A historian by profession, specializing in the history of Central and Eastern Europe, professor Snyder is also a permanent fellow at The Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. We discussed, among other things: current political development in Slovakia; ideas from his latest books, the rise of authoritarianism, or power of oligarchy; a role of Europe and EU in fighting extremism; and a role of journalism in protecting truth.