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INTERVIEW with Peter Vrbjar, co-founder of United Colours of Football Festival in Bratislava

Peter Sterančák

According to the official Facebook statement, it’s the anti-racist football tournament which celebrates diversity and the enriching aspect of different cultures in our own society. The organizers shy away from any form of discrimination based on nationality, race, gender or sexual orientation. I was keen to interview one of them, Peter Vrbjar, to know more…

What2Play: FIFA Ultimate Team

Miloslav Valko

It is all about money and how to get it from people's pockets as efficiently as possible. In-game purchases in FIFA Ultimate Team were banned in Belgium recently, as the problems escalated to the level that children were stealing their parents' credit card details and using them to open those packs with a chance of 1:13 000 000 to get that Ronaldo.

The ultimate guide to the Sunday Derby match between Slovan and Trnava

Peter Sterančák

Sunday 18:00, 3 March 2019. This day and time will probably be remembered by every fan of ŠK Slovan Bratislava – historically the most famous and successful football club in Slovakia. It’s a day when Slovan, after 10 years, will return to the place where the history was written and where his fans feel at home– the iconic Tehelné Pole stadium (a brick field – loosely translated).